Game Review: Hey Arnold! The Movie (Game Boy Advance)

Based off the movie of the same name, Hey Arnold! The Movie was released on the Game Boy Advance in 2002, the same year as the film. Developed by Altron and published by THQ, the 2D platformer sees Arnold and Gerald having to save their neighbourhood from an industrialist named Scheck.

Arnold 4

The game sees the player having to control Arnold. As well as Gerald, Grandpa and Grandma across five locations. Each one containing four levels and one boss enemy. Each character is assigned to a specific level and both Grandpa and Grandma don’t become playable until later in the game. Helga can be unlocked by entering the below code on the map screen and she replaces all characters.

Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Right, Down, Up, Select.

Not that it matters though as aside from their main projectile there is no difference in controls. Each character throws a standard item (Grandpa throws teeth, Grandma throws toilet paper rolls) and these can be upgraded by finding bonuses in levels. As well as weapon upgrades you can also find bonuses that increase speed and jumping. However, bear in mind that should you die or finish a level all your upgrades will be gone.

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Not that Hey Arnold! The Movie is a difficult game. Most levels are easy to complete and the bosses only serve a challenge until you know the method to defeat them. Only the final boss, Scheck really poses a threat. With plenty of health, lives and a continue option you’re not going to be seeing a game over screen much.

Arnold 5

In fact, the only hardship comes from the stage layouts. Some of them are poor forcing you to make all kind of blind jumps without knowing if you’re going to land safely. The problem is the viewing angle which won’t adjust to show you where you’re jumping. This can result in many a death that leaves you feeling quite frustrated (the sewer levels are terrible for this).

Arnold 2

Hey Arnold! The Movie does look great though, it’s bright, colourful and captures the visual style of the movie and the show. The music is nice and fits the game perfectly, never getting annoying and the gameplay is fun for the most part. A decent game for the portable system that has just the right amount of challenge but you’re not likely to return to it twice.

Check out our full game play-through below.


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Hey Arnold! The Movie
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