Game Review: Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever (Mobile – Free to Play)

‘Member the grumpy cat? Possibly the most famous cat of the internet meme era! Well, he has a free to play mobile game now. If that doesn’t shock you then how about this…it’s actually pretty decent & is surprisingly light on in-app purchases & ads!


Called Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever by Lucky Kat Studios, it promises awful mini-games where you can earn terrible high scores while failing a lot & earning iMessage stickers. Yeah, hardly a great way to sell your game to people.


You have 3 lives & need to take part in mini-game after mini-game that get more & more demanding the more you complete successfully. Fail 3 times & it’s game over. As you earn coins from completing the mini games you’ll be able to buy rewards that unlock animated grumpy cat animations that fill up your 4 worlds.


Earning every one is basically the goal & the game is fairly generous with its coin output. Good players will set high scores pulling in anything from 5-50 coins. Once it’s game over you can watch an ad to get an extra continue or you can watch an ad to earn quick & big coin bonuses. Realistically it’s worth sitting through these brief ads as the bonuses almost always give you enough to earn a new grumpy cat (100 coins per turn) & should you get the same one it is turned into an additional life on your next go.


The mini-games range & as you unlock new grumpy cats more mini-games are added. This is a very good idea as it helps keep it fresh. There is a large range of mini-games & they all offer varying types of challenges especially when the difficulty has increased. It has an addictive quality & one more go is always on the cards!

Bring a free to play game it does have in-app purchases but they are never shoved in your face. In fact I had to select it myself to see what they offered for this review! That’s such a small thing but it means a lot. Those who know the free to play market will tell you just how refreshing it is to not have big flashing ‘buy us’ signs popping up everywhere!


The cheapest offer is 79p for 1000 coins which is 10 possible new grumpy cats but with no guarantee of not getting 10 repeats it’s hardly a worthwhile amount for those who’ve unlocked quite a bit already. The most expensive is £2.99 & will gift you 10,000 coins. A seemingly reasonable amount until you realise that you’ve just paid to unlock the entire game leaving anything but gaining a high score as your only means of gameplay.

Here’s the thing, none of these in-app purchases are even close to necessary buys. Everything can be bought with in-game coins & quite quickly as long as you’re willing to watch a fair few ads. It’s not got enough gameplay to make it worthwhile trying to get every grumpy cat animation but you’ll definitely get a good few hours out of it.


Play it on mute though, the old-school 8-bit music & sound effects are incredibly annoying after a short while!


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Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever
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