Album Review: Thunder and Lightning – The Ages Will Turn (Self-Released)

Thunder and Lightning released their new album, The Ages Will Turn on December 9th, 2016. You can pick up the new album over on their website or on Bandcamp.

The Ages Will Turn has an old-school vibe about it, a record that embraces an earlier thrash sound but with much improved quality & some seriously catchy choruses! Those that may not be that excited by opener Welcome to the Darkside opening minute would be best served hearing the full thing out as it’s got a toe-tapping, head-noddingly good chorus.

Jam-packed with stellar riffs & hooks, Thunder & Lightning have dropped an album that has plenty of metal about it but with an eye on fist-pumping catchiness too.

Silent Watcher, Eternally Awake, Columbia are beat-heavy songs backed up by some fantastic clean vocal work. Singer Norman “Diddi” Dittmar has a fantastic set of pipes on him but he’s just one cog in a machine that sounds so crisp & fluid. You can pick out every note, every vocal inflection, every differing drum beat, it really makes a great listen!

Perhaps the best thing about Thunder & Lightning are the guitar solos littered throughout. They almost always lift a song & never fail to ignite a fire that might be missing at first.

This is an album that just gets better & better as it goes on. By time it’s got to The Ages Will Turn you’ll need no more convincing that you’re hearing something pretty incredible here. This song has an air of the epic about it & it is so pleasing to the ears. The best song on the album especially when it changes beat midway almost turning into a totally different song!

The double header of Hysteria & Mary Celeste end things strongly. The latter in particular is a 6 minute epic with a thumping drum beat & the perfect blend of story-telling vocals, subtle guitar melody & a gorgeous solo. The sound of waves & a creaking boat near the end really creates an image for the song as a whole.

A highly impressive album!

Overall Track Listing:

1. The Ravaging Overture
2. Welcome to the Darkside
3. Silent Watcher
4. Black Eyed Child
5. Eternally Awake
6. Columbia
7. One Blood (featuring Mate Bodor)
8. The Ages Will Turn
9. Hysteria
10. Mary Celeste (featuring Der Schulz)

We’d like to thank Against PR & Thunder and Lightning for providing us with a copy of the album for this review. You can find out more about the band & this latest album over on their website, over on their Facebook page, on Twitter & over on YouTube.

Thunder and Lightning - The Ages Will Turn (Self-Released)
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