Game Review: Fit the Fat 2 (Mobile – Free to Play)

Fit the Fat 2 is a free to play mobile game brought to us by Five Bits, Inc. The premise of the game is pretty simple. You have control of a severely overweight guy who wants to lose weight. It’s on you to control his day and take actions to help him lose that weight.

Fit the Fat 2

You do this by getting him to take part in different exercises. You also get to control his diet, to a degree, and decide when he should rest and sleep. Doing different exercises obviously burns stamina. You have a little amount of this that you need to manage. Sleeping regains that stamina by making you wait for a real length of time, like an hour or so. Once his energy is regained, you can get back to getting him fit.

  Fit the Fat 2

As well as the stamina bar, you also have a hunger bar. The harder you push our fat friend, the hungrier he will get. A hungry guy can’t exercise so you need to keep his food bar up as well. Obviously with eating, careful choices are required. Certain fattier foods will fill the bar quicker but he will gain weight. This could undo all the weight loss from exercising. Healthier food options may not satisfy him fully. It is all about finding a balance – much like in real life.

In regards to exercise, you start off with one simple option. Skipping. You take part in it by simply tapping the screen as the rope is about to clear your guys feet. He will jump and the rope will come back and on you go. The more you skip, the more fat you will burn and, simultaneously, you will earn xp towards levelling up. As you level up, you unlock more of everything. More food options, more outfits and more exercises to take part in.

Obviously, while these options grow with you levelling up, you still have to purchase them. You purchase items with gold coins that you earn from taking part in exercise and from levelling up. New exercises don’t cost coins, instead they just unlock upon reaching the required levels. As well as skipping, you get treadmill running, weight lifting and boxing. Well, a punch bag. On top of these 4 exercises you can unlock different stages of each upon levelling up enough. Higher stages burn more fat though are a little tougher to set good scores in.

All gameplay, aside from navigating the many menus, comes in the form of timed tapping or swiping of the screen so can definitely get boring, quite quickly. You can keep track of how well you are doing by taking a selfie every now and then to see how much you weigh and how much weight you have lost.

The music in the Fit the Fat 2 is a little irritating after a while so you will want to mute that pretty quickly. It all seems to run fine with no glitches or freezing or anything like that while I played it. There are ads and they are quite irritating and they seem to be triggered by you moving from one menu option to another.

This means you can quickly get hit for a couple in a row. They are the ones with the tiny little “x” you have to carefully hit to close the ad or you keep getting sent to the App Store.

As with all Free to Play games, there is an area to spend real money. For £2.99 you can remove all ads which is probably worth doing. Everything else is related to purchasing a load of coins to buy more food, more outfits and power ups (styled like protein shakes). You can also spend coins on unlocking exercises and different levels of exercises early. I would advise against it though as it will cost you a few quid.

To unlock the punch bag now, it would require 4800 gold coins. I have been playing for hours and have 152 coins which will keep going down as I have to spend it on food. To purchase enough gold coins to unlock it, I would need the £4.99 package for 6,000 coins. That is just one exercise too so while it isn’t extortionate but it will soon add up.

I guess if you know very little about exercise at all, Fit the Fat 2 might be of some benefit to you too as it does offer occasional health tips and gives a little understanding as to how to burn body fat.

As a game though, as a bit of fun, man is it boring. I am already done with it and have no desire to unlock another exercise of me just tapping at a screen. There just isn’t enough variation so while it needs more exercises, it also needs more ways to complete them.

Hardly the worst game ever. Fit the Fat 2 even manages to be a little educational for some people. It looks nice and cartoony but also suffers from the standard Free to Play market issues in that there are too many ads and too much money required to make any quick progress in the game.

As for making slow progress and not trying to hurry things up? Well, the game just isn’t fun enough for that. First I was tapping at the screen for an hour at skipping, finally unlocked the treadmill and now I am swiping in the same spot again. I have little desire to repeat this again just to unlock another exercise that will require more of the same.

I know, perhaps I will pop to the gym to deal with my belly, rather than exercising one finger while looking after this guy?

Fit the Fat 2 is available on android, windows and apple mobile devices now.


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