Game Review: Cat Stack (Mobile – Free to Play)

Give credit where credit is due, Cat Stack is fun, challenging and pretty addictive to play. It’s super-simple but quickly gets complex as you try to get as high as you can all while balancing pet moggys on top of each other.

The cats come in all shapes and sizes so quickly you’ll be carefully trying to find the right spot to drop the next kitty to ensure you don’t make the next drop even harder.

Cat Stack 2

It’s as simple as that and what it lacks in content it makes up for with addictive gameplay. It is not as easy as it seems but to add some longevity to the game there are 51 cats to collect and none are hidden behind paywalls. You can unlock 48 just by playing the game or watching ads and the final three can be unlocked by following Fullcat Games on Instagram, Twitter and liking their Facebook Page.

As you play your level will increase and once you hit each milestone a cat is unlocked. As well as that the game also throws out extra challenges which, when completed add to your level increases. These range from having to stack to certain heights to adding non-cats to your pile over a period of games. Just an added extra that gives some extra challenge to the game.

Cat Stack 3

It has the standard remove ads price but this is the only in-app purchase, instead the game hits you with ads which are mostly reasonable (a skippable one after each attempt at stacking).

It’s fun and that is all you can you ask for with this kind of game.

Cat Stack
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