Game Review: Carrion (Xbox One X)

Carrion is a horror video game that was developed by Phobia Game Studio and published by Devolver Digital. Be warned, this isn’t just another typical horror game. You won’t be playing as some beefed up hero, slaughtering every monster that gets in your way.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite and it’s awesome. The game allows players to control a tentacle monster whose objective is to make its way through a facility, stalking and killing humans in its path.

Players control a red, amorphous, tentacle monster. The creature must make its way through a facility, crawling through vents and murdering scientists and soldiers. Additionally, as the game progresses, players can obtain upgrades such as the ability to dash. This can be used to break through wooden barricades and access otherwise unreachable areas.

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In a genre that can often feel stagnant, Carrion is a breath of bloody fresh air. It’s a nice feeling to be playing the role of the monster for once. There just aren’t enough video games that place you in the shoes or tentacles of the antagonist. There’s no better feeling than smashing your way into a room and feasting upon the flesh of a bunch of screaming, fleeing human beings. It never failed to be entertaining. Evoking fear and tearing people apart is endlessly satisfying.

This is the type of game that couldn’t work unless moving the beast around was hassle free. Thankfully, the fluid animations and movements are really impressive. The ways its numerous appendages flail around, sticking to walls and ceilings is grotesquely awesome. I felt like a creature ripped right out of John Carpenters The Thing. Also, I’ve seen others compare the monster to the Marvel character Carnage and I totally see that.

There is plenty of gore on display, even if it is pixilated. The soundtrack is fantastic as well. It adds to the already brutal and sometimes creepy horror feel. I really liked that as you progress you always feel like the creature is getting stronger. You get some fun abilities to play around with. The possession ability was my favourite. There’s a few sections that that place you in the body of a normal human that I found to be a nice change of pace.

Carrion doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s short and sweet and comes with easy achievements. Literally, my only criticism is that navigating your way back and forth to the different facilities can be pretty frustrating.

Overall, Carrion truly made me feel like a hideous tentacle monster. It’s a delightful slice of horror that can be experienced via Game Pass.


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