Game Review: Brix! Block Blast (Mobile – Free to Play)

Firmly aimed at a younger audience, Brix! Block Blast is a free to play match-3 game that is both fun and addictive but has a steep difficulty curve and a large array of in-app purchases.

Brix! Block Blast takes the ‘winning’ formula of these games, gives it a kid-friendly look and keeps gameplay pretty simple and straight-forward. Match coloured blocks and clear the screen with star rating awarded for moves that are left over. At first you’ll be getting the full amount (3 stars) every level but around about level 14/15 the walls come crashing down and you might find yourself needing a few boosts to aid you.

Brix 2

These can be gained in levels by combining more then 3 blocks but they can also be bought using the in-game currency of coins. These are earned in game but it is not a generous free to play title. Should you decide you want to purchase a set of ‘row blaster’ boosts they come in set amounts with the lowest being 3 and costing 75 coins. 75 coins will set you back £1.99 though with 5 coins left over. Prices then range from that being the lowest to £74.99 for 4000 coins or you can spend £99.99 for a pack that includes the same number of coins but throws in a load of boosts too.

While older players will enjoy the challenge there is no argument that this is a game marketed towards younger players. The bright colours and Lego style visuals to the main character being a larger then life cartoon character.

Brix 3


For a game that is marketed at children, this is pricing that can be best called despicable.

Regardless of all that, Brix! Block Blast is as lazy as they come offering nothing fresh to the match style of gameplay. Instead it’s a literal copy of every game that came before it which makes it near impossible to recommend. Older players will dislike the repetitive, unoriginal gameplay and high-priced in-app purchases while younger players will get bored as the difficulty massively increases suddenly.

Brix! Block Blast
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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