Game Review: Best Rally (Mobile – Free to Play)

Best Rally claims to be the bestest! No, seriously, that’s the tagline underneath the game title on the App Store. ‘This game is the bestest’.

A bold statement but is it? Of course not. Not even close but as free to play games go it is pretty good. This review is for version 1.0.1.

Best Rally 2

Utilising two finger control mechanics, race through 30 tracks setting the best time possible and earning stars to unlock further levels. Drift around tight corners keeping your speed up to cross the finish line as fast as possible. Simple and short tracks, to earn all three stars you’re looking at getting times around about 10 seconds. No easy task at all but thanks to a replay system you can see the racing line you should be taking.

Best Rally 3

Still, even with that you’ll find yourself flying through levels at a fairly substantial pace. There are only 30 tracks after all.

However, it is fun to play and the simple controls mixed with pretty visuals makes it easy to come back too. At least until you’ve finished every level as there are no extra modes unfortunately. Then there are the in-app purchases and remove ads cost.

Best Rally 4

With four rally cars available, the remaining three are locked behind real world costs. Each car costs the comical amount of £3.99. So, if you were to buy all three remaining cars you would pay £11.97. Even the developers know how absurd that is so they threw in an unlock all option for £4.99. Still a ludicrous amount but at least any purchase you do make also removes ads (£2.99 on its own).

Like many free to play games, Best Rally makes the fatal flaw with its in-app purchases by not offering value for money. 30 tracks that can be completed in a few hours and no replay value. No extra modes or challenges, why would anyone spend so much money on a game that is going to be deleted hours after it was downloaded?

Best Rally 5

Greed over sense always seems to win out. Best Rally is a good game but it in no way does enough to earn the in-app price points.

Best Rally
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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