Exclusive Video Premiere: Dark Agenda – Lilith

Dark Agenda are a representation of a belief and a way of life that defies the masses. They dare to be different, to think different. A world without darkness doesn’t exist, although darkness is often overlooked. It is in this darkness they find solace and belonging. They are its disciples and they intend to deliver its message onto thee.

With their aggressive thrash style riffs to their soul piercing melodies and haunting vocals. Their mission is to take you on a metal musical journey through the deepest abyss of your mind, body and soul. They are a brotherhood and an ever growing legion that strives to represents the voice of the voiceless. This is their Agenda and through your Darkness we rise.

Today, Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are super-pleased to bring you the premiere of their new video – Lilith.


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