EP Review: xygrbryrx – Cunning Punts (Self Released)

xygrbryrx (pronounced zye-ger-bry-rex) is multi-instrumentalist Michael Jon White’s outlet and a way to express his own struggles with mental health. Sitting in the extreme/grindcore camp, Cunning Punts is xygrbryrx’s new release and will see the light of day on December 12th, 2022.

Prepare yourself for a cacophony of noise. Where the question of ‘is it too heavy’, gets well and truly thrown in the grinder. This is extreme heaviness that xygrbryrx deliver but to hear it, is something else.

That being said, it does start in surprising fashion as Lullaby for the Undeserving is playful. Blending symphonic melody with jazz tones. It’s extremely weird and can in no way prepare the listener for the vomitus expulsion of fury that follows with The Bigot They Are. xygrbryrx taking absolutely no prisoners with the scathing instrumental approach and snarling vocal assault.

That insane level of heavy intensity continues into the monstrous mayhem of Beaten to Death with an Opinion Pole. You thought you knew heavy? This track will correct that.

Followed then by the unmitigated violence of A Fiscal of Dollars. Given a whiff of freshness, thanks to a beastly guitar solo from guest Joe Tal of Crown Compass and Illucinoma. Before this slab of eye-watering and ear-bleeding heaviness comes to a crashing finish with the savage eruption that is TERF Wars. Xygrbryrx isn’t coy about where the hate and anger is directed and it makes the whole experience so much more palatable.

Needed, because this is so extreme, it is both exciting and off-putting in equal amounts.

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xygrbryrx - Cunning Punts (Self Released)
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