EP Review: Where Oceans Burn – The Faces We Portray (Prime Collective)

Where Oceans Burn are a 4-piece metalcore act from Manchester, UK, drawing inspiration from artists such as Northlane, Architects and Thornhill. The quartet are now ready to present their upcoming EP ‘The Faces We Portray’ set to be released on February 9th, 2024.

Says the band:

The title and theme of our new EP ‘The Faces We Portray’ comes from us as people dealing with different emotions and struggles everyday, while trying to portray a different version of ourselves to each other. The songs represent the struggles of the true self and how we try to hide this in fear of feeling judged.

The lack of freshness in the metalcore scene is becoming a bit of a problem as there’s a serious sense of déjà vu with a lot of the modern bands. Which is a problem that Where Oceans Burn also face, even if the band are good and this EP is enjoyable. There’s nothing to knock here as far as well written and produced modern metalcore goes.

It’s an EP with plenty of wild speed, eager heaviness, big melodies, and several guest spots from artists currently at the top of their respective games. If you live for this type of music, you won’t be found wanting here.

Tracks like Dysmorphia, Manifest, and Euphoria will have your ‘breakdown heavy’ hearts exploding with joy. Just like the appearance of ten56. on the intense Static, and the appearance of SIAMESE on the elaborate Caught Between The Grave And Yesterday will put a big smile on the face.

However, does it leave a lasting impression? Unfortunately not. Chances are, the overall talent in the band (which is notable) will win many people over, but this genre needs more spark, and it’s not quite clear if Where Oceans Burn can offer it.

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Where Oceans Burn – The Faces We Portray Track Listing:

1. AI
2. Dysmorphia
3. Static (feat. ten56.)
4. Manifest
5. Euphoria
6. Caught Between The Grave And Yesterday (feat. SIAMESE)


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Where Oceans Burn - The Faces We Portray (Prime Collective)
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