EP Review: VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC – Austrian Dukes of Derangement (XENOKORP Records)

Spitting forth scorn and disgust on everything and everyone, playing everywhere they possibly can since more than a decade with a fetish for the most remote places and followed by a pack of twisted lunatic fucks of a fanbase, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC are as cult as it can possibly be within the Slamming Death Metal / Goregrind scene.

Each of their rare releases is a delight for their fans always eager to revel in body fluids of all kind, remains of disembowelment and whatnot and, of course, “Austrian Dukes of Derangement”, their brand new EP after six long years, is no exception!

Austrian Dukes of Derangement and its companion T-shirt “Keep Calm and Disembowel Everybody” will be released on February 7th 2020.

It’s time to grind and slam as VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (just rolls off the tongue) bring us five putrid tracks and around 12 minutes of vomitous noise. This is for twisted purveyors of metal, the ones who enjoy their metal with a side of blood and guts. Five tracks including a cover of Gronibard’s Va faire la vaisselle, so five chances of disembowelment.

Are you the right person to give Austrian Dukes of Derangement a listen? Well ask yourself this? Do you like unbridled chaotic noise that barely makes sense? How about vocals that plumed the dark and dirty sewers to find the voice needed to express this? Maybe it’s the sound of abject horror as it invades the mind like something out of a H.P. Lovecraft nightmare? If all of this sounds like fun, then maybe this EP is for you.

So what if it sounds like a a pig being slaughtered at times?

VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC – Austrian Dukes of Derangement Full Track Listing:

1. Against Humans, Against Animals, Against Everything
2. Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage Banger
3. Gang-Raped Acranius (DoG-y Style)
4. Va faire la vaisselle (GRONIBARD Cover)
5. Gang-Raped Acranius (Sing Mit Fritzi)


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VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC - Austrian Dukes of Derangement (XENOKORP Records)
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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