EP Review: Void Inn – End This Game (Self Released)

Void Inn is an alternative/heavy metal band formed in late 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Formed by members Jelena Vujanovic (vocals) and Sinisa Pejovic (guitar), who had at that time completed their studies at the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

At the end of 2011 the band moved to Belgrade where they continue to work while playing a large number of shows across Serbia and the region. In March 2019 the band had the huge privilege of sharing a stage with legendary Megadeth bass player David Ellefson in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In October 2020 Void Inn dropped their second release, the EP ‘End This Game’.

Bringing some chunky riffs and a thick set of grooves, Void Inn come out of the blocks in style with Stay Young. A nice slab of heaviness that is focused on getting the head-banging with gusto and it certainly works.

It’s more of the same with Dead of Night aside from some extra bite in the vocals, which we should say are super-stunning. Powerful and clean in an old-school metal way but with these roars of concentrated heaviness. Watch out for a kick-ass guitar solo here too.

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The title track and Just Another keep the pressure and heat up with an eclectic array of riffs and impressive groove. The latter in particular, really showcases the variety that exists in Void Inn.

Although to be fair, it is mostly just a strong set of hard and heavy head-bangers that electrify the senses. Which means the EP ends as strongly as it begun with the foot-tapping beat of Show Me What You Got and the desperation-tinged pace of Hello Misery.

Top stuff!

Void Inn – End This Game Full Track Listing:

1. Stay Young
2. Dead of Night
3. End This Game
4. Just Another Day
5. Show Me What You Got
6. Hello Misery


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Void Inn – End This Game (Self Released)
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