EP Review: Vault – Dread Within (Self Released)

Vault are a heavy metal band from Brazil, formed in 2015. Initially, the band performed grunge rock (2015 – 2017), releasing a demo (“Illusion”), a single (“Wheelchair”) and a Split Record with the band Sadartha (USA) in 2017 (“Spliting Headache”). All these releases are available on the band’s YouTube page.

Now, focusing on heavy metal music, the band has released its first EP named “Dread Within”.

With a very modern sounding style of metal, Vault start their new EP off with some rough and raw sounding riffs. Lost Again makes it clear this is some step away from the aforementioned early grunge style. Instead focused on big hooks and filthy sounding groove.

We could harp on for ages about the rough edge of the production but truth be told, after an initial bedding in, it starts to sound more and more fitting. Vault are an underground band and this EP sounds suitably underground.

With some more body-shaking groove and more downbeat rhythm comes A Look Back before Mind nails exactly what you should be expecting from Vault. Massive hooks, heavy riffs, punchy percussion and a demanding style of vocals. It’s a highlight of the EP.

We’re not done yet though as Nosferatus and Overcome make up the latter part of the EP. The former a frantically played head-banger with elements of speed and thrash while the latter’s riffs are weighted in gold.

You know it’s good when the issues (production-sound) at the start stop being noticeable by the end. Such is the strength of Vault’s effort. Heavy metal is clearly their calling and this is great proof of that.

Vault – Dread Within Full Track Listing:

1. Lost Again
2. A Look Back
3. Mind
4. Nosferatus
5. Overcome




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Vault - Dread Within (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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