EP Review: Vacuous – Katabasis (FHED Records)

Newly formed London death metal trio Vacuous have hit the ground running, overcoming the odds of the pandemic to persevere forwards even without being able to play a single show. Off the back of their smashing demo cassette earlier this year (released through FHED and Red Door Records), Vacuous have honed their craft with a sharper, more polished set of songs that are no less intense and primal. Their latest EP ‘Katabasis’ will be released on cassette and digital formats through FHED on November 6th 2020.

Speaking about the EP themselves:

Katabasis is a term from Greek mythology which signifies a descent into the underworld. We took this both on a fairly literal level, researching the different physical depths – caves, catacombs and underlands – but also the term’s usage in modern psychology to refer to a descent into one’s psyche as well as depression; particularly fitting given that this EP was recorded in isolation.



So very filthy, the title track builds up anticipation for an eruption of explosive death noise and Vacuous are more than happy to deliver. Even if they take their sweet time doing so. It just makes everything all the more intense, which it really bloody is. This band hit with all the force of a scummy tidal wave. Not just on the muck of the opener but the following Unmarked Grave, Fermentation and Voluntary Immurement.

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It’s quite an assault on the senses as only death metal can do, but pushes things to the limit by being so thick and filthy. It’s music to drown too and even though it does suffer a bit from repetitiveness, it’s still thoroughly enjoyable. No-one is going to be bored when the absolute wall of noise that is Blood Eagle comes crashing down.

Vacuous – Katabasis Full Track Listing:

1. Katabasis
2. Unmarked Grave
3. Fermentation
4. Voluntary Immurement
5. Blood Eagle


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Vacuous - Katabasis (FHED Records)
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