EP Review: Unimagined – Friendless (Self Released)

First congregated in a matrimony of makeup & feedback in 2017, Unimagined has been a tour de force of explosive live performances & theatrical presentation in their local St. Louis scene. Donning eccentric outfits & a penchant for dramatics, this six piece whatever-core troupe simply ooze attitude & flair. Watching their electrifying live set & listening to their meticulously produced record, one can quickly find that their image & message boils down to one thing:

“Fuck what the cool kids are doing.”

Unimagined are getting ready to release their debut EP, “Friendless,” on November 9th 2018.

Unimagined 2
Photo: Jen Miller

The band put a bit of a different twist on metal and its subgenres, delivering charismatic and theatrical performances throughout many aggressive and more melodic moments that made people fall in love with the genre in the first place.

It’s very hard to not get excited the moment, Too Dead to Dance begins things. An energetic blend of hardcore, metal and rock, Unimagined really are an anomaly in the metal world and it’s bloody welcome.

A spectacular start that captures the imagination with the theatrical elements is followed up by the equally impressive Something Borrowed, Something Blue and title track. The latter really shows of the charismatic side of the band.

The poppy vocals of She Was Scared of Storms hides a deeper level of metal ferocity that, when it shows its face, is tormentingly heavy. That’s not what you’ll remember though, no instead it’s everything else. The clever effects, the upbeat rhythm, the surprisingly solid guitar solo and the energy.

Unimagined 1

Unimagined – Friendless Full Track Listing:

1. Too Dead To Dance
2. Something Borrowed, Something Blue
3. Friendless.
4. She Was Scared Of Storms
5. Lemons & Sodomy

The EP will be available via all major streaming services and you can keep up to date with news by liking Unimagined’s Facebook Page.

Unimagined - Friendless (Self Released)
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