EP Review: Under – Training Resource #5 (APF Records)

APF Records will release acid nightmare/avant garde sludge band, Under’s new EP, Training Resource #5, on 13th November 2020. 

2020 was meant to be the year Under released album number 3, but then the pandemic hit and plans changed. New EP Training Resource #5 was tracked live, with minimal over-dubbing. The four songs flow into one another – the EP is designed to be listened to as one continuous track. It features three Under originals plus a ferocious cover of Black Flag’s My War.

Matt Franklin (bass / vocals) says:

When our album number 3 plans were brought to a halt we decided to try a no-frills live (in the studio) EP. None of us could have predicted how well this recording would come out and it was a much needed boost for us. I hope these tracks can provide some humour and cathartic aggression for anyone else melting into the cycle of boredom and fear that this year has become.

When Under say they want this new EP to be listened to as one, they mean it and to be completely honest, it’s the only way to properly experience the virility of their madness as it is supposed to be. Yes, each track is a bite size chunk of their insanity but as a complete listen, it’s layered insanity that moves from gibbering wrecks to spasms and more. With very few moments of clarity to help anchor the mind.

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It’s more than just a fever dream of filthy sludge noise and avant-garde heaviness, this is the sights and sounds that assault the mind during a horrendous bout of illness. Sweaty and burning up, unable to focus on reality, vivid monstrosities around every corner…few won’t be unaffected.

Under – Training Resource #5 Full Track Listing:

1. Introductions & Apologies
2. Dope Loop
3. Dividers in Hell
4. My War
5. Full EP As One Continuous Track


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Under - Training Resource #5 (APF Records)
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