EP Review: Tides of Ire – Betrayal (Deadwave Records)

Tides Of Ire are a Metal/Nu Metal band from Kent, United Kingdom. The band takes influence from a broad selection of artists, including Gojira, Machine Head, Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit. The end product being a hard-hitting combination of pacey vocals and technical riffs.

As a full band Tides Of Ire spent it’s first year writing songs and rehearsing. Once the band had a solid set it started playing local gigs and brought a different music style of what other local bands were doing and by that started catching the attention of the local promoters and got invited to play more gigs around Kent.

In May of 2017 the band signed a deal with Deadwave Records for promoting and distributing their first EP entitled The Burning Sea. In June of 2018 the band then released (through Deadwave Records) their second EP entitled Deadline.

Now on August 30th 2019 through Deadwave Records again, Tides of Ire drops their third EP, entitled Betrayal.

A short intro in the form of the title track leads us nicely into a bouncy riff as Pest gets under way. Sharing a lot in common with the world of metalcore and the rap-metal stylings of nu-metal, it has got groove and a hell of a beat. The head will bang and even though it borrows from a sub-genre few have kind words for, Tides of Ire do it better then most.

Prophecy is probably the least enjoyable of the tracks as it has a lower tempo that fails to ignite or excite in same way as what came before. What follows that is Sirens and is markedly different with a much more mellow approach and some decent rapping helped by a bit of crooning and a catchy chorus.

It’s not perfect and that’s fine because it is good. Don’t let the ‘nu-metal’ tag put you off, this isn’t a dated attempt to capture the popularity of a sub-genre way past its prime thankfully.

Tides of Ire – Betrayal Full Track Listing:

1. Betrayal
2. Pest
3. Prophecy
4. Sirens
5. Sirens (Radio Edit)


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Tides of Ire – Betrayal (Deadwave Records)
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