EP Review: Thy Kingdom Will Burn – Unclean (Self Released)

They Kingdom Will Burn are a melodic metal band formed in 2016 in Kouvola, Finland. Taking inspiration from the likes of Dark Tranquillity, Testament, At The Gates and Paradise Lost, the four-piece have released their new EP called, Unclean.

Thy Kingdom 1

Three tracks to sell themselves. Three tracks to stand out from the mass of metal that exists online. The question is do Thy Kingdom Will Burn manage it? The answer is straightforward…get your horns out.

The three tracks that make up the Unclean EP are exciting, heavy and groovy as hell. There’s nothing complex here, it’s just quality head-banging metal built on scorching riffs, deep bass lines, shattering drum beats and filthy vocals.

Of the three tracks that make up the EP, it’s probably the title track that really punches the hardest. Here we get a really low and dirty rhythm, the guitars firing away like crazy. Throw in a pretty decent breakdown in the latter half and we have a rager here.

Thy Kingdom Will Burn are your new favourite melodic metal band. Trust us.

Thy Kingdom 2

Thy Kingdom Will Burn – Unclean Full Track Listing:

1. The Unbound Breed
2. Unclean
3. Black River

Head over to Thy Kingdom Will Burn’s Facebook Page to keep up to date and find out more about the band!


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Thy Kingdom Will Burn - Unclean (Self Released)
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