Top 10 Bands To See At Hellfest 2014

My first trip aboard for a heavy metal festival is occurring in just under a week’s time & to say I’m super-stoked is the under-statement. I’ve already written a top 10 about bands to see across the 3 festivals I am going to but this one is a bit more specific.

You see Hellfest is a chance for me to see several bands I’ve never seen live before, a chance to see some up & coming bands that I want to do well & some of my favourite bands doing what they do best.

I’m lucky in that I have over 30 bands I want to see & will probably be able to see across the weekend. This is the top 10…


10 – The Black Dahlia Murder


A bit of death metal on The Altar stage on Sunday should go down well. The Black Dahlia Murder are crushingly heavy with bundles of riffs. This will be the first time I’ve seen them live so I’m expecting great things.

9 – Turisas


Playing 3rd from top on The Temple stage on Friday, I’m really happy to see them being given a much more generous time-slot at a fest. I’ve been watching Turisas live since they released their 2nd album & they’ve come a long way since then. They are super-tight on stage & Warlord is a natural frontman.

8 – Carcass


Headlining The Altar stage on Saturday I can’t wait for Carcass having never seen them live. Currently on a career resurgence with the latest album, Surgical Steel having been received really well, they will hopefully be at their best.

7 – Scorpion Child


The 2nd band on the Main-stage 2 on the Sunday, Scorpion Child are a band I just have to see. Their first album only came out last year but has gone down a storm. Playing a brand of bluesy rock & metal they are an exciting prospect.

6 – Deep Purple


It’s Deep Purple…I’ve never seen them live. It’s as simple as that.

5 – Behemoth


If we’re talking about bands that are on the form of their lives then look no further then Behemoth. I saw them years ago supporting Devildriver at the tiny Garage in London & at Hellfest they play 2nd from top on the Main-stage 2 on Sunday. The Satanist is currently my album of 2014 – this is black metal done right.

4 – Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals


I love his solo album…it is seriously frantic & so very much Phil. 2nd from top on the Valley Stage I’m hoping for a more intimate Phil Anselmo experience & we may get a few surprises!

3 – Emperor


I’m actually looking forward to their Bloodstock headlining set more but this will still be a must see. I can’t believe I never thought I would see Emperor live & in the space of 3 months I’m going to see them live twice. If a kid asked me what black metal is I would hand them an Emperor CD.

2 – Watain


Talking about black metal…How good are Watain? Well known for having a killer live show they are headlining The Temple stage on Friday & are one of the bands to see of the entire weekend.

1 – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

An easy choice bearing in mind I’ve never seen them live. I adore Ozzy Osbourne & think Sabbath are totally deserving of their place in rock & metal. Closing out the Main-stage 1 on the Sunday it will be the perfect end to a great weekend.


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