EP Review: Through The Noise – Tragedies (Eclipse Records)

Through the Noise are back with a pummelling new EP that showcases the Swedish band’s nu-metalcore sound that has evolved to a whole new level since their release of Dualism in 2019. It is called Tragedies and it will be released on January 21st, 2022 via Eclipse Records.

An explosive EP, it’s all about a savagery here as Through the Noise blast their way through 3 tracks of metalcore with nu-metal infusions. Get your stomping shoes on, Tantalus is beast. Through the Noise living up to the latter part of their name as they brim with passionate hostility.

An engrossing ambush, it continues into the chunky post-tinged rhythm and smash-mouth vocal style of Aktaion. Before Lamia layers some melodic laments amongst some filthy sounding metal groove.

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It’s only 3 tracks long but they’re 3 bangers that get you up and moving, up and excited, up and head-banging.

Through the Noise – Tragedies Full Track Listing:

1. Tantalus
2. Aktaion
3. Lamia


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Through The Noise - Tragedies (Eclipse Records)
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