EP Review: The Odious Construct – Shrine of the Obscene (The Artisan Era)

Sacramento, California-based progressive/technical melodic death metal outfit The Odious Construct will release Shrine of the Obscene on Friday October 12th via The Artisan Era.

The Odious Construct had the following to say about the upcoming release of Shrine of the Obscene:

“This upcoming EP is a progression from the previous self-titled EP. While still melodic, there is more speed and technicality involved, and there is more experimentation with orchestra instruments. Thematically, the writing is still dark. The lyrics revolve around psychological disorders, horror, suicide, etc. The goal of this EP was to include more dynamics musically and more diverse instrumentation. We are still a melodic death metal band but we are incorporating more modern elements to the music stylistically.”

Odious Construct 2

This five-track EP is a harsh and brutal assault of technical and progressive metal that draws parallels to the likes of Meshuggah and The Black Dahlia Murder. However, there is one major difference with The Odious Construct and that is the different influences that are littered throughout Shrine of the Obscene.

Most noticeable on the opener Vortex of Self and They Came Through the Mirrors, both tracks that rip and roar with intensity. All while exciting and fresh sounding elements back up the crushing noise.

That level of aggression is consist throughout the five-track EP and on the odd occasion that the enjoyment begins to dry up, The Odious Construct always have something to help moisten things. Such as the killer final minute and a half of Cyanide Eyes where the guitars get to ring out loud and proud.

Odious Construct 1

The Odious Construct – Shrine of the Obscene Full Track Listing:

  1. Vortex of Self
  2. Descension
  3. They Came Through the Mirrors
  4. Cyanide Eyes
  5. Shrine of the Obscene

You can order the EP via Bandcamp here as well as merchandise here. Keep up to date with news and find out more about the band by liking their Facebook Page.


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The Odious Construct - Shrine of the Obscene (The Artisan Era)
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