EP Review: The Inferno Doll – Sacrifice (Self Released)

Fantasy. Dark romance. Bloodsucking creatures of the night. What’s not to love about The Inferno Doll?

Vocalist and songwriter Laura Vargas brings her demonic side to life in this solo project. A 4-track EP that is the follow-up to 2015’s highly regarded album Dollmination: a complex tale of a woman who wakes up one morning to discover the alter ego that had been sleeping inside her has awoken and taken her hostage. The battle between them for the body rages throughout the musical story-line, as each entity struggles for dominance. Who will win? Is the doll the enemy? Or the woman herself? Or… Both?

Sacrifice continues this otherworldly tale, relating the story of The Inferno Doll’s years of silence. She’s being awakened and summoned by a High Priestess that controls the element of fire and gives her another chance to live in this world.

Sacrifice was released digitally on October 30th, 2020, with a physical release on December 11th 2020.



Immersed in romantic horror sensations, Sacrifice is a mellow but fundamentally twisted sounding offering. With varied tracks to give both new and old listeners something to sink their teeth into. The opening title track lays the darkness on thickly with a very theatrical sound. The focus being Vargas’ powerful but dreamy vocals and the use of the Greek bouzouki by Dawn Howard.

Ghost Waltz builds on the power showcased in the opener by hitting epic magnitudes of gothic-tinged melodies. A track that captures the imagery and sound of a warped ball where masked figures dance. As the clock strikes midnight, it’s time to unmask and the true horror of their faces are revealed.

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However, if you’re after something with meaty metal at its core, then the chugging ferocity of Land of the Lords is what you’re going to want to hear. The Inferno Doll showing that there is as much head-banging quality to the music as there is gothic horror splendour.

Although it’s not over yet, the finale being a remix of the previous album’s title track, Dollmination. A remix done by Just Art Dead, turning a chunky and rocking effort into something much more sinister and chilling.

An awesome effort.

The Inferno Doll – Sacrifice Full Track Listing:

1. Sacrifice (Feat. Dawn Howard)
2. Ghost Waltz
3. Land of the Lords
4. Dollmination (Remix by Just Art Dead)


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The Inferno Doll - Sacrifice (Self Released)
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