EP Review: The Fires Below – Thorns (Self Released)

Hailing from London, England, heavy stoner rock band, The Fires Below return with their sophomore EP, ‘Thorns’, out everywhere on June 7th, 2024.

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Guerrieri

Sometimes, all it takes is 30-odd seconds to be sold on a song. In the case of The Fires Below, it takes around 15-seconds to fall madly in love with opening track, Worth. It’s that f**king riff, it gets right in there, and that is it. The Fires Below have you, and there’s no loosening of their vice-like grip. Especially as the stoner groove just gets stronger, there’s some wandering melody in the latter part of the track, and those statement-like vocals command attention.

Bar set, but bar met and immediately surpassed with the following thick heaviness and moodiness of Too Far to Reach. It’s impossible to not head-bang to this beast of a track. Then along comes No Man’s Land to add some vigorous groove and pretty much confirm this as an EP of the year contender. The Fires Below could call it right now, and no-one would be left dissatisfied, but there are more bangers to come.

Bangers being the optimal word as both Plastic Utopia and the title track go freaking hard. The former, one of the riffiest tracks of all and with a more dramatic touch to the chorus. Whereas the latter, is a grin-inducing showcase of wildness that encourages the body to shake and shudder with excitement.

Based off this EP, there have to be big things in store for this band. It’s just too damn good of a release.

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The Fires Below – Thorns Track Listing:

1. Worth
2. Too Far to Reach
3. No Man’s Land
4. Plastic Utopia
5. Thorns


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The Fires Below - Thorns (Self Released)
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