EP Review: The Cunning Man – Practical Applications of Theurgy (Self-Released)

Practical Applications of Theurgy is a 3-track EP from The Cunning Man melding a number of metal styles together & all wrapped up in a Scottish bow. A Cunning Man is a one man project created by vocalist and composer Ged Cartwright who has taken inspiration from Scottish life, something that I didn’t expect to come across as strongly or as well as it does.

The EP was released on January 1st 2017 & you can pick it up now via Bandcamp.

I strongly suggest you do as it’s an excellent piece of work. It’s an EP that showcases a serious amount of talent & it will put a huge smile on your face, particularly the stunning Juratus & the Sulfur Psalm.

It’s tough music to describe as the differing elements come together to create such perfect music. The vocals have plenty of power metal to them helped by fascinatingly poetic lyrics, the use of classical instruments, a spoken word moment that is gorgeous to hear, throbbing bass, hard-hitting guitar riffs…you’re in for a treat here.

It leaves you wanting so much more & I can’t wait to see what The Cunning Man has in store for us in the future. 3 tracks of excellent rock, metal, classical, ambient sounds that takes you to Scotland & all its beauty. Mesmerising.

Overall Track Listing:

1. Honorius & the Choral Forecast
2. Cyprian & the Ambergris Geist
3. Juratus & the Sulfur Psalm

You can find out more about The Cunning Man project here as well as on Facebook & you can listen to the EP here on Soundcloud.

The Cunning Man - Practical Applications of Theurgy (Self-Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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