Album Review: Dantalion – Time to Pass Away (Darkwoods)

The Galician outfit Dantalion are back with Time to Pass Away, their eighth full-length studio album. An album recorded among sanitary lockdowns that also caused the return of Sanguinist to the role of vocalist, in which the band oozes pure negativity and bad vibes, true darkness and despair.

Experience it yourself on July 31st, 2021 via Darkwoods.

Dark, evil and a bit twisted sounding. Well, quite a bit twisted actually. Time to Pass Away is black metal at its most primitive and bleakest sounding. Music to make you feel that little bit more miserable. While also being thoroughly enjoyable thanks to the talent in the band capable of delivering high-quality black metal music.

Misery loves company and Dantalion want you to join them. Even if the monotony of the album gets under the skin. There’s not much in the way of variety here as each track has the band bristling with feverish energy. Somewhat ritualistic, extremely primordial and consistently concentrated.

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It is undeniably hard work, even for fans of the genre, just because there’s a lot of track bleeding but it is enjoyable. It just takes a bit more focus and concentration, something Dantalion deserve because they’re certainly giving it their all here.

Black metal in its basest form.

Dantalion – Time to Pass Away Full Track Listing:

1. The Call
2. The Relentless Shadow
3. Gate to an Eternal Doom
4. Time to Close the Circle
5. Constant Mourning Process
6. The Mischievous Faces
7. From Suffering to Oblivion
8. From Consciousness to the Grave


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Dantalion - Time to Pass Away (Darkwoods)
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