EP Review: Thantifaxath – Void Masquerading as Matter (Dark Descent Records)

Canadian trio Thantifaxath return with their first release since 2014’s highly acclaimed debut full-length Sacred White Noise. Void Masquerading as Matter is a four-track, 35-minute EP of bleak black metal out on December 1st via Dark Descent Records.

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If you enjoy your black metal with a bit more meat to the bones then Thantifaxath’s latest release will be right up your street. Ocean of Screaming Spheres brings the darkness in impressive style even if the black metal rhythm isn’t exactly fresh sounding. A mid-point drop into disjointed piano melody changes things a little but it feels oddly out of place. The track never fully recovers after this.

Thankfully Self Devouring Womb & Cursed Numbers turn things back around. The latter in particular is an intense piece of chaos, a mind-numbing listen that is likely to leave your brain dripping out of your ears.

One of the things that do stand out on this record is the intensity of the vocal performances. This is throat shreddingly evil stuff that talks to the darker side of humanity.

The title track finishes things off in the strangest way with a lengthy haunting heavenly choir that slowly turns darker & darker. Like nothing heard elsewhere on the EP, it is certainly quite a unique track but doesn’t sit well amongst the others.

An unusual EP, one that has plenty of positives however what it tries to do uniquely doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Thantifaxath 2

Thantifaxath – Void Masquerading as Matter Full Track Listing:

1. Ocean of Screaming Spheres
2. Self Devouring Womb
3. Cursed Numbers
4. Void Masquerading as Matter

You can pick up the EP now over on Dark Descent Records’ Bandcamp as well as through the label’s store.


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Thantifaxath - Void Masquerading as Matter (Dark Descent Records)
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