EP Review: Terminal Nation/Neckbeard Deathcamp Split – One Party System (To Live a Lie Records)

Exciting times as grind/hardcore/power-violence band Terminal Nation are back with two new tracks as part of a split 7” EP (One Party System) with anti-fascist black metal band, Neckbeard Deathcamp!

Terminal Nation impressed us in April 2017 with their beast of an EP, Absolute Control. We described it as that feeling you get when you’ve been drop-kicked in the face. You can read our full review of Absolute Control here.

Terminal 3

That was then though and this is now. What we have is a four-track EP from two of the most politically outspoken bands in their respective genres. The EP will be released on February 22nd 2019 via To Live a Lie Records.

It’s Terminal Nation that kick proceedings off with a track about gun culture and violence entitled Church of the Gun. Not holding back in the slightest, Terminal Nation make their feelings known with a raging and intense blitz of metal. The sounds of multiple news broadcasters talk over each other detailing gun crime leading to an eruption of fury by the band. Kept slow but hammering down as hard as possible, it’s an incredibly wild track and a stark reminder of Terminal Nation’s abilities.

Terminal 1

We then get an even shorter track in ICE Watch which is about the current fabricated border crisis.

What a track this is. The grindcore speed at the start leads to a drop in tempo that is impossibly heavy. The weight of it all pushes down hard, breaking bones and tearing flesh. The roar of ‘ice watch motherfucker’ is phenomenally harsh.

Two tracks, both absolute bangers and confirming what we should all know already. Terminal Nation are the personification of intensity and their brand of pissed off grind/hardcore is on another level.

Neckbeard Deathcamp have a tough job following that but also do an incredible job with Freeze Peach and Thot Crime. The former is about blind patriotism and will haunt your dreams for some time to come. The hellish rhythm and almost unlistenable vocals that are akin to gargling will make sure of that.

Terminal 4

Thot Crime then follows with a hard look at Incel Culture. A topic that doesn’t crop up much in metal, truth be told you wouldn’t know it just by listening to it. This is because everything about Neckbeard Deathcamp is low, dirty and harsh on the ears. It’s brutal blackened death metal of the highest quality and unforgettable in that regard.

What a worthy split this is. Not just because of the topics covered in the four songs but the delivery from the two bands. Both offer different takes on the metal sound but the end result is still fantastic music.

Terminal 2

Terminal Nation/Neckbeard Deathcamp Split – One Party System Full Track Listing:

1. Terminal Nation – Church of the Gun
2. Terminal Nation – ICE Watch
3. Neckbeard Deathcamp – Freeze Peach
4. Neckbeard Deathcamp – Thot Crime

The EP can be ordered via To Live A Lie Records here. Terminal Nation releases can be picked up via their Bandcamp and more information on them found via Facebook. Neckbeard Deathcamp releases can also be picked up via their Bandcamp and more information found via their Facebook.

Terminal Nation/Neckbeard Deathcamp Split – One Party System (To Live a Lie Records)
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