EP Review: Tardigrade Inferno – Arrival Of A Train (Self Released)

Back with their first new music since 2021, the theatrical and carnival-esque group that is Tardigrade Inferno will release their new EP, Arrival of a Train, on May 17th, 2023.

It’s a celebration, but a ludicrous one. Tardigrade Inferno are a wacky, hyperactive, and wonderful band. Bringing four anthems for listeners to sink their teeth into on Arrival of a Train. The first is the title track and finds the group at their most animated, led by the manic ringmaster that is vocalist Darya Rorria, who sounds possessed here.

Having warmed up the soul with the maddening and infectious sound of that opener, it’s time for something even more brassy and ballsy with Fire, Plague and Locust. If you thought this band was odd before, you’ve not heard anything yet. It just so happens to be stupidly anthemic too.

The exciting experience of this EP continues with Engine of Skin. A track that really leans into the theatrical sound of Tardigrade Inferno. The vocals talents of Darya really bringing this one to life, but there’s no knocking the spectacle that the instrumentation offers either.

Finally, it’s the darkest, most menacing, and moodiest track of all with Evoke. Arguably, the most elaborate and cinematic track of all. It’s a bit different to everything else but still has Tardigrade Inferno’s wicked creativity front and centre.

Welcome back, Tardigrade Inferno, it’s time to take over the world.

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Tardigrade Inferno – Arrival of a Train Track Listing:

1. Arrival of a Train
2. Fire, Plague and Locust
3. Engine of Skin
4. Evoke


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Tardigrade Inferno - Arrival Of A Train (Self Released)
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