EP Review: Sven Gali – 3 (RFL Records)

Canada’s pioneer acts of the fusion of 80s screaming Hard Rock and 90s blazing Heavy Metal, Sven Gali, who recently inked a record deal with growing label, RFL Records & Entertainment, is soon to release their comeback EP, titled “3”. Included with two early songs of 2018-2019, “Kill The Lies” and “You Won’t Break Me”, the “3” EP accompanies brand new titles such as “Now” and “Hurt”, produced by Threat Signal’s Jon Howard.

3 will be released on June 12th 2020 via RFL Records & Entertainment.

Their first non-single release since 1995. The world has moved on since Sven Gali released their first two albums. So much has been and so much has gone. So many bands these days weren’t even alive when Sven Gali made their debut.

However, being an elder statesmen of the scene doesn’t mean you get to sit back and relax. There is no half-arsing it. If you’re going to come back and release something new, it better be good. In the case of Sven Gali, 3 isn’t just good, it is a rousing success.

The first two tracks are 2018 and 2019’s single releases – Kill the lies and You Won’t Break Me. A pair of quality head-bangers that sound like a band re-energised and aware of what the modern scene of metal is doing. Dated? Not in the slightest. The latter is so damn catchy.

The latter two tracks are the ‘new’ offerings. We say ‘new’ because Hurt is actually an old unreleased track that has been reworked. However, you wouldn’t notice that at all, such is the modern heavy spin Sven Gali put on it.

It’s a banger and a return befitting of their iconic status in the metal.

Sven Gali – 3 Full Track Listing:

1. Kill The Lies
2. You Won’t Break Me
3. Now
4. Hurt


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Sven Gali - 3 (RFL Records)
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