EP Review: Stonehag – The Lament Configuration (Self Released)

The chain is extinct and fuckin’ forlorn.

‘The Lament Configuration’ is the second EP of Portuguese musician G.R. under the moniker Stonehag. Dark are these times, both at a personal and collective level. It was released on March 45h, 2022.

Come along with G.R. He has such sights to show you.

A dangerous, delectable and horrifying blend of industrial effects, synth and rock. The Lament Configuration is a sexy and sleazy blend of horror that slowly infects the senses and screws you into something much darker. An EP that could almost be called ‘progressive’ thanks to the unique rhythmic make-up, shifts, and odd twists and turns. To call it fascinating is to play down the weirdness of the music.

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However, that’s not to suggest that it is so wacky, it can’t be considered catchy. Hell, it’s downright danceable at times. The slow, sexy and sleazy kind of dancing that you do with a mysterious stranger in a dark, underground club.

While some might struggle to get into Bury Me in Misery, there’s no doubting that Saltwater & Redwine will mesmerize. The melodies, the jazzy undertones, the smooth electronica and electric vocals; it’s a banger.

The only other original track is the title track and it is an energetic blast of 80’s synth, industrial chaos and rock fire. The EP is then complimented with a banging, unique and clever cover of the A-Ha hit, Manhattan Skyline.

Stonehag – The Lament Configuration Full Track Listing:

1. Bury Me in Misery
2. Saltwater & Redwine
3. The Lament Configuration
4. Manhattan Skyline (A-Ha Cover)


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Stonehag - The Lament Configuration (Self Released)
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