Album Review: Wasted – The Haunted House (Denomination Records)

Danish heavy metal band, Wasted, return with their fourth album called ‘The Haunted House’. Due to be released on March 25th, 2021 via the Swedish label Denomination Records.

Having been first established in 1981 and with a lot of ups and downs along the way, Wasted enter 2022 with fresh vigour and plenty of head-banging tunes. The Haunted House features 10 tracks of old-school metal with speed, thrash and death influences.

Meaty metal, groovy metal, metal that makes you want to don some leather and let what little hair you might have left, grow out. Wasted sound old-school but importantly, this isn’t an album that sounds dated or cut from time. Wasted aren’t afraid to experiment and it’s what makes this a more notable listen.

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From the eerie guitar tone that runs through the title track like a vein, the crunchy percussion and sinister chorus of Mr Black, the thrilling encouragement to head-bang like a loon that Watch Out delivers, the chunky riffing and screaming soloing that hits hard on Nailed to the Cross and on Coffin Maker. No complaints to be had with the banging first half of the album.

Metal Snack then delivers a tasty mouthful of thrilling bass lines and thumping drums, speedy guitar riffs and fanatic vocals. Followed by the drop in tempo but scathing instrumentation of Resurrection and the groovy head-banging simplicity of Candy Cane. Track after track of heavy metal gold.

Which does mean there is a sense of sadness as the end of the album is reached. Thankfully, Wasted go out on a high with the thumping Wasted Attack and the blistering energy of The King. Check out the flourishes in the latter for something to make you smile! Two more satisfying tracks on a very satisfying album overall.

Wasted – The Haunted House Full Track Listing:

1. The Haunted House
2. Mr. Black
3. Watch Out
4. Nailed to the Cross
5. Coffin Maker
6. Metal Snack
7. Resurrection
8. Candy Cane
9. Wasted Attack
10. The King


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Wasted - The Haunted House (Denomination Records)
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