EP Review: State Of Deceit – Retribution (Self Released)

State of Deceit were created from the bands’ burning mutual affection for playing powerful heavy music on their own terms. Harnessing influences from Pantera, Slayer and Stampin’ Ground, to Pitchshifter and Architects, State of Deceit fuse distorted guitars and thumping drums, with clean and full-throttle attack vocals, all to devastating effect.

Born at the end of 2018, the metal crew had difficulty, early on in their career, finding the ideal members to fit their style and manifesto. After a lot of persistence and dedication, the band finally sought out the right fitting characters for their creative endeavours. With Pete Scammell on vocals, Jon Russell handling the guitars, Matt Toner hammering on the drums, and Matt Wilson locking it all down on bass, the quartet are now set for national recognition.

Armed with their new EP, Retribution which is out on December 6th 2019.

Guitarist Jon Russell remarks about the EP:

‘Retribution’ encapsulates the sound and feel I’ve been striving for, the soaring and venomous vocals, the headbanging grooves from the rhythm section, all captured crisply by Long Wave Studios. This is the way I think metal should be, forget all the trends, this record is our legacy, that which can never be taken away from us.

Let the groove metal loose, State of Deceit have something to say and across 6 tracks on their new EP they get themselves well and truly heard.

Beginning with Tattered Life, the energy is high from the word ‘go’. The riffs bouncing along, the drums and bass keeping pace while the vocals expel all kinds of angry rhetoric. It’s exciting stuff even if the clean singing segment doesn’t quite keep the momentum going.

The wickedly exciting groove of the guitars lead Vengeance out for all to stand and stare at. However it is the exceedingly good melodic drop that really wows which then leads to a hell of a good guitar solo.

When Words Fail keeps focus exactly where it should be, massive riffs and a smash-mouth combination of bass, drums and vocals. Before No Solace changes the tempo up just slightly to keep the EP sounding fresh. A bit more depth, especially as the clean singing is a bit more prominent here.

Finally, the double of The Black and Vipers wraps up a very satisfying EP. The former bringing some old-school metal riffs into the modern world while the latter is all out destruction as Retribution ends in a whirlwind of groove.

State of Deceit – Retribution Full Track Listing:

1. Tattered Life
2. Vengeance
3. When Words Fail
4. No Solace
5. The Black
6. Vipers


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State Of Deceit - Retribution (Self Released)
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