EP Review: Sexton – Reformation (Self Released)

The work of one man (Derrick Sexton), Sexton is a solo metal/rock/experimental project. The Reformation EP was released in July 2018.

In his own words: “For many years I spent my blood, sweat, and tears invested in bands that all ultimately failed for one reason or another. After reflecting on that time spent, I decided to start my own project for which I could write, record, and release music on my own terms without depending on anyone else. I do however enjoy collaborating with other musicians in order to create more diverse and interesting songs. The sound of Sexton is inspired by metalcore from the early 2000 era but also takes cues from melodic metal, thrash, and progressive metal. There is no formula for my music, I just let my guitar guide the way.”

Sexton 1

It’s always a pleasure to review something that is the result of years of passion. Something where an artist or band has thrown their all into a release. That is exactly what we have here with Reformation, an EP that oozes passion in the most metal way possible. We’re talking big riffs, hooks that dig deep, thumping rhythms and vocals powerful enough to loosen a bowel or two.

While certainly rooted in metalcore, Derrick Sexton shows that he has an understanding of where the pitfalls of that sub-genre lay and carefully plots a course around them. The title track is a skin-crawling start thanks to the brutalising style of vocals but a lighter in tone guitar solo at the back end really impresses.



As does the breakdown in Pinnacle of Decadence. A intense moment of straight-forward guttural heaviness.

Doing well to avoid repetition, Reignited takes an in-depth look at the guitar and just what wonderful sounds can be made from it. That and the spit-fire vocals that are fired off at a stunningly hyper pace.

At this point it’s safe to say there’s going to be a problem with Reformation and it’s one that most artists/bands could hope to have. It’s just not long enough. It effectively wraps up with the construction of Through a Stained Lens. A track that is startling in its simplicity while also harbouring layered levels of metal intensity throughout.

It’s one last chance to lose your mind as Requiem ends things with soft and morosely detailed piano melody. A fine comedown after such an energetic listen.

Sexton 2

Sexton – Reformation Full Track Listing:

1. Reformation
2. Pinnacle of Decadence (ft. Michael Morton)
3. Reignited
4. Through a Stained Lens (ft. Michael Morton)
5. Requiem

Reformation is out now and can be picked up via Bandcamp, iTunes and Google Play. It can also be streamed via Spotify, YouTube and via Apple Music below. Find out more about Sexton by going to Facebook and Instagram.

Sexton - Reformation (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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