EP Review: Seum – Blueberry Cash (Self Released)

Montreal sludge band Seum are back with a brand-new EP called ‘Blueberry Cash’. The EP is made up of 2 songs written during the debut album Winterized writing sessions (Blueberry Cash and John Flag) and a cover of their singer Gaspard’s former band Lord Humungus (Hairy Muff).

To make this release even more special they will also drop 10 hand painted 10” vinyls in collaboration with Meumeu Music along with the “Blueberry Box”, an ultra-limited wooden stash box branded with the EP Artwork and band logo.

Blueberry Cash will be released on April 20th, 2022.

No guitars, all bass, and drums. It’s a set-up that makes Seum a different sludge beast all together. A noisy beast with more groove than you can shake a mud-covered stick at, you won’t miss the sound of a guitar. Not when the bass and drums are being played with such vigour as found on the opening title track. Although, it goes without saying, that the scornful vocal style is a huge part of what gives this track a much darker and twisted tone.

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The second track is just as good. Called John Flag, it’s a track that gets a little wilder, dirtier sounding and really hits some heavy tones to blend the brain matter into mush. The chaotic finale is pure sludge gold.



Finally it’s a cover of Lord Humungus’ Hairy Muff. Being unfamiliar with the original, there is little to compare but what we get here is a really moody and obtuse sounding slab of doom-infused heaviness.

It’s short EP but it delivers a hell of a lot.

Seum – Blueberry Cash Full Track Listing:

1. Blueberry Cash
2. John Flag
3. Hairy Muff (Lord Humungus Cover)


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Seum – Blueberry Cash (Self Released)
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