EP Review: Sequestrum – Pickled Preservation (Extremely Rotten Productions)

Violence and gore are on the horizon with the impending release of Pickled Preservation from pathological death grinders Sequestrum. Featuring members of Chaotian and Undergang, Sequestrum’s debut EP will be released on January 27th, 2023, via Extremely Rotten Productions.

An extreme release for extreme times, Sequestrum deliver a brutal slice of noise with this new EP. Seven tracks (which include an Impetigo cover) of death-grind savagery. To call what Sequestrum deliver here, intense, is to not do the absolute cacophony justice.

It’s a macabre orgy of blood and guts. Inane violence and abuse meted out by monstrous beings in the throes of ecstasy. Sometimes, extended to disturbing levels, such as the likes of Giblet Excreter, Preserved to Last, and Human Broth showcase. Or sometimes, delivered in hyper-horrifying fashion via the likes of Necromucouphagia and Consigned to Humus.



Hell, there’s even a 3-second offering called Guts which is literally just the sound of a quick drumstick hit, blast of guitar and the roar of ‘guts’. It’s absurd.

The EP is closed out by Dis-Organ-Ized, a tribute/cover of death metal band, Impetigo. As far as ugly and gross extreme music goes, it doesn’t get much ghastlier than Pickled Preservation.

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Sequestrum - Pickled Preservation (Extremely Rotten Productions)
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