EP Review: Scent of Darkness – Insanitude (Masked Death Records)

Scent Of Darkness is a Funeral Doom Metal project born through the artistic expression of the mastermind Gianluca Moreo (ex-Vereor Nox). On the 20th of June 2020 ‘Insanitude’ will be released. A concept EP which speaks of psychological and social experiences lived in first person by Gianluca himself, touching on themes like depression, psychosis, abandonment, mistrust, delirium, solitude and hope.

There’s no arguing that Insanitude has a gloomy outlook running through it like a vein. After all, funeral doom isn’t named as such because it conjures up images of fluffiness and colourful unicorns.

There’s very little brightness to the four tracks that make up this EP. Four enormous and crushing tomes that showcase little in the way of urgency but deliver striking and ancient heaviness. The moments of levity, the less intense segments only serve to heighten the chill that emanates from Scent of Darkness Although they are welcome, just so the mind can rest ever so slightly.

The guitars are immense, the drums concentrated and the vocals bitter and cold. From Reborn to Trust Issues to Crowded Solitude and through to Whispers from Nowhere, the depths are unfathomable. Yet thrilling.

Scent of Darkness – Insanitude Full Track Listing:

1. Reborn
2. Trust Issues
3. Crowded Solitude
4. Whispers from Nowhere


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Scent of Darkness – Insanitude (Masked Death Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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