EP Review: Ruins of the Past – Gold (Darkest Age Productions)

On March 2nd 2019 Darkest Age Productions will release Gold, the first part of Ruins of the Past’s 70-minute opus, Alchemy of Sorrow.

Ruins 2

It’s the start of an epic, that much is clear as the short Prelude leads into the title track which brings lighter and easier to digest riffs alongside rough death metal style vocals. It’s a combo that we should be very used to by now in metal and there is a solid argument that Ruins of the Past aren’t doing anything new here. However, it’s complex, interesting and perks the mind up which is very welcome.

Those looking for a bit more meat to the bones will find plenty to chew on with the following track, Rust. A deeper and more brooding number with flashes of airiness to release the mind, body and soul too. A step up in sound for Ruins of the Past for sure.

Things get even moodier for The Bitter Chalice, the darkness creeping in and surrounding everything. Here Ruins of the Past take a very welcoming step into bleakness as the guitar howl like a wounded beast.

Before Alchemy of Sorrow ends things with gothic melody and fascinating guitar riffs. A really impressive end to an EP that takes a track or two to really get going but once it does, is unstoppable.

Ruins 1

Ruins of the Past – Gold Full Track Listing:

1. Prelude
2. Gold
3. Rust
4. The Bitter Chalice
5. Alchemy of Sorrow



The EP can be ordered over on Bandcamp and more information found via Ruins of the Past’s website and Facebook Page.

Ruins of the Past – Gold (Darkest Age Productions)
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