EP Review: Picturesque – IYKYK (Rude Records / Equal Vision Records)

US rock quartet Picturesque have announced their new EP ‘IYKYK’, due for release on 21st April via Rude Records (UK/EU) / Equal Vision Records (ROW).

Alt-rock that leans into pop sensibilities, Picturesque are a likeable band and their new EP is an ear-pleaser. One that features a lot of heart, soul, and passion, but also one with plenty of radio friendly tones and anthemic choruses. Six of them in fact, kicking off with the foot-tapping and finger-snapping Strange Habits. A really strong showcase of melodic drama and powerful vocals.

A moodier and more relatable tone comes next in the form of Borrowing Problems. Before throbbing effects, hardy guitars and drums, and animated vocals makes Hopeless one of the EPs strongest efforts. Even though Break It All’s old-school emo-esque touches blended with Picturesque’s exciting modern experimentation is delightfully infectious.

If there’s one thing that can be said about IYKYK it is that it is memorable and a lot of that falls at the feet of the pairing of Watterson West and Dance with The Devil. The former has some lovely ambience, leans into hip-hop territories, picks up in tempo here and there, and shows just how strong the vocals are within this band. Whereas the latter throws out some unexpected but welcome heaviness. Just when you think you have this band figured out, they go and do that!

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Picturesque – IYKYK Track Listing:

1. Strange Habits
2. Borrowing Problems
3. Hopeless
4. Break It All
5. Watterson West
6. Dance with The Devil


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Picturesque - IYKYK (Rude Records / Equal Vision Records)
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