EP Review: Opposition Party – Tales To Horrify (Pulverised Records)

Singapore’s longest living Thrash-punkers Opposition Party return with a new four-track EP “Tales to Horrify”, an attest to the unstoppable force they have notoriously been known for.

Opposition Party, formed in late 1986, are still without doubt the absolute kings of raw, unadulterated Punk/Thrash.

Tales to Horrify will be released on November 15th 2019.

An acidic blast to the face, Opposition Party’s new EP will leave all who listen with melted flesh and in unimaginable pain. Four tracks that are part thrash and part punk, fast and heavy with all the power and influence of a band that has been doing this for many years.

That time spent in the scene does mean we get a much more refined listen though. Less rough and horrible sounding which serves these contained little beasts very well.

The fractiousness of it all really comes to a boil on Living Dead Island (Zombie II), a wicked little horror tribute. However, if it’s thrashing insanity you want then Parasitical will give the mind a well and truly hefty bludgeoning.

Opposition Party – Tales to Horrify Full Track Listing:

1. Ancient Horror
2. Evil Paradise
3. Living Dead Island (Zombie II)
4. Parasitical


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Opposition Party - Tales To Horrify (Pulverised Records)
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