EP Review: Open Surgery – After Birth Abortion (BVR Records)

Swedish death metal band, Open Surgery will release their brand new nasty and visceral EP, After Birth Abortion on December 17th 2018.

Open Surgery 2

The name of the band and the EP title will likely tell you all need to know about Open Surgery and their new EP, After Birth Abortion. An EP that is horrifyingly heavy with a really deep and chuggy guitar sound that crawls under the skin laying eggs of death metal in your flesh. They might be from Sweden but this is steeped in familiar Florida-style metal.

Hammer Justice and Altar of Death both work your body over with bludgeoning hits of heaviness and guttural brutality before Decades of Extreme Confinement takes things up an extra level with screeching whines and crushing injections of guitar licks.

There are no surprises here if you know your extreme metal/death metal well and Open Surgery certainly aren’t doing anything we’ve not heard before. That being said, it is 6 tracks of super-aggressive noise that appeals to the base instinct of humanity. On a day when everything seems like shit, then the likes of Reduced to Broth and Evil Possession will be the perfect accompaniment to your mood.

Open Surgery 1

Open Surgery – After Birth Abortion Full Track Listing:

1. Hammer Justice
2. Altar of Death
3. Decades of Extreme Confinement
4. After Birth Abortion
5. Reduced to Broth
6. Evil Possession

After Birth Abortion will be available via all major streaming services and shops but you can keep up to date with news by checking out their Facebook Page.


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Open Surgery - After Birth Abortion (BVR Records)
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