EP Review: Ogives Big Band – Harm (Self Released)

Ogives Big Band are a new riff powerhouse hailing from Bristol, combining the eclectic guitar prowess of Ben Harris (Øgïvęš, ANTA, Rainbow Slicer), the ferocious bass of Ben Holyoake (Lambhorn), and the utterly ruthless drumming of Oli Cocup (Lambhorn, My Octopus Mind).

The trio formed with a view to expanding Øgïvęš existing material, which when fused with an established and furious rhythm section warped the compositions and song-writing process into a new beast entirely.

The new EP ‘Harm’ features 3 tracks which had previously lain dormant in the mind of Ben Harris now brought kicking and screaming into the present and reimagined with the full weight of a trio behind them. It was released on October 16th 2019.

The excitement builds with what can only be described as madness inducing riffs as Tethra dances away in a rhythmic whirlwind of oddness. It’s complex and interesting enough to hold the attention, especially as it flips and trips expectations constantly.

Then we have Harfynn Teuport, a shorter but much more all-encompassing guitar sound. Melodious while still having a concerning sense of threat. As though Ogives Big Band is holding in the rage, ready to explode at any given moment. A moment that fully arrives on the exceptionally unique soundscapes of Etna. The build and build exciting the senses, the noise becoming more and more frantic and messy. Then suddenly it stops and the beat gets down really low and dirty. Chugging along with all the impact of a hammer to the face.

A track not to be overlooked and a band not be dismissed.

Ogives Big Band – Harm Full Track Listing:

1. Tethra
2. Harfynn Teuport
3. Etna




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Ogives Big Band – Harm (Self Released)
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