EP Review: Of Mice & Men – Bloom (SharpTone Records)

The second EP from metalcore giants Of Mice & Men this year, Bloom follows the strong ‘Timeless’, which was released a few months ago. Throughout 2021, Of Mice & Men are releasing several EPs that will eventually make up their entire new album. Bloom is the next entry in this series and will be released on May 28th, 2021 via SharpTone Records.

A passionate and thought-provoking metalcore display, Bloom picks up where Timeless left off. Beginning with the explosive heaviness of Levee and into the booming title track. Of Mice & Men displaying exactly what makes them so beloved and as always, one of the more exciting bands in the heavy metal gene pool.

The former is on the darker side of the band’s sound, utilising eerie effects in and around the thumping heaviness adding depth to the band’s indomitable metalcore spirit. The latter’s melodic and heart-felt clean start descends into crunchy noise, exemplified by the absolute beastly end. Of Mice & Men have more in their tank here as they showcase a massive chorus too. This is going to be a veritable fan favourite.

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Finally, this EP wraps up with Pulling Teeth and one last pit-pulling heavy effort. A frenzied assault of drums and guitars, the switch from guttural vocals to clean is so sudden, it’a surprising but very welcome as both are as powerful as the other. The latter part of this track is on the death metal side of things!

This is an excellent release, Of Mice & Men reaching a kind of heaviness we don’t often hear from them. More than just metalcore, Bloom is a chunk of savagery that could turn a lot of people on to the band.

Of Mice & Men – Bloom Full Track Listing:

1. Levee
2. Bloom
3. Pulling Teeth


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Of Mice & Men – Bloom (SharpTone Records)
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