EP Review: Obscene – Sermon to the Snake (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Sermon to the Snake is the debut EP from death metal outfit, Obscene. It will be digitally released on January 18th 2018 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions after appearing on cassette in October, 2017.

Obscene 1

From the opening guitar feedback whine followed by the bone-crunching drum beat to the heavy riffs & brutalising vocals, it’s clear to see why Horror Pain Gore Death Productions picked up Obscene.

A name that perfectly exemplifies their bludgeoning style of death metal, one that is disgustingly visceral. Like a punch to the throat, Body of Tears will leave you gasping for air. While Shadow Burial is akin to a ton of rocks being dropped on your head.

Obscene glower angrily through every note & through every growl that emerges from their being. Even when the tempo is a little slower it only serves to enhance the brutality of the final two tracks, Torture Tranquillity & Blood Moon Rats.

This isn’t an EP that isn’t for the faint hearted & while it might only be four tracks long, it leaves a lasting impression on your mind, body & soul.

Obscene 2

Obscene – Sermon to the Snake Full Track Listing:

1. Body of Tears
2. Shadow Burial
3. Torture Tranquillity
4. Blood Moon Rats

Pick up the album now via Bandcamp & via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions here. Find out more about Obscene on Facebook.


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Obscene - Sermon to the Snake (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
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