EP Review: North Atlas – The Longest Shadow Attached To The Ankle (Self Released)

Drawing creative influence from the folklore of their homelands, whilst also touching on topics of a neuro-divergent nature and deeper inward analysis, Scottish fellowship North Atlas will release their Second EP ‘The Longest Shadow Attached to the Ankle’ on September 22nd, 2023.

Leaning way more towards a hard rock sound combined with moody and alternative electronica, the immediate impression that North Atlas leave with this EP is one of anthemic energy. They’re a band that can you bounce to, while also offering up a ton of depth that peels away through multiple listens.

It’s a catchy start with the animated Seer, where the chorus well and truly injects the veins with some body-shaking fuel. Followed then by the fascinating and experimental fasterthanyourthoughts, a track that really sees North Atlas plant their flag in the ground. Somewhat industrial, but still rock-orientated, it’s an absolute banger.

Bar set with that one, Super Ego doesn’t quite have the same hook, but it’s still a mighty track in its own right. North Atlas really throwing their all into a more frenetically groovy effort. Then, Some Kind of Circle gets a little weird with the electronica, showing a strong continuation of North Atlas’ creativity. Before The Long Stare ends things on a genre-blending, modernised, and widely appealing high.

Five tracks with five unique vibes, The Longest Shadow Attached to the Ankle is one hell of an attention grabbing release.

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North Atlas – The Longest Shadow Attached to the Ankle Track Listing:

1. Seer
2. fasterthanyourthoughts
3. Super Ego
4. Some Kind of Circle
5. The Long Stare


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North Atlas - The Longest Shadow Attached To The Ankle (Self Released)
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