EP Review: Next Year – Waterfalls (Standby Records)

Released on May 31st 2019, Waterfalls is the new EP from pop-rockers/pop-punkers, Next Year and will be out via Standby Records.

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If you’re looking for some modern pop-rock/punk that shares plenty in common with the likes of Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and more then you’re in luck because that is Next Year’s Waterfalls. A super-light, super-chilled and super-fun EP.

From the rhythmic mellow beat of Aliens & Pyramids, the punkier pace of Ben Wilson and the reflective melody of Back to You, the first half is good times.

Remember Me has some nice guitar work but is the blandest and least interesting of the album whereas Marquette sees Next Year embrace the punkier side of their music nicely. Before Dopamine ends thinks in perfect pop-rock style.

It’s a very familiar sounding record but has enough little moments to help it stand out on its own.

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Next Year – Waterfalls Full Track Listing:

1. Aliens & Pyramids
2. Ben Wilson
3. Back to You
4. Remember Me
5. Marquette
6. Dopamine

Pick up the album and merchandise here and find out more via their Facebook & Twitter.

Next Year - Waterfalls (Standby Records)
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