EP Review: Nervcast – Locked And Loaded (Self Released)

Locked and Loaded is the debut EP from Toronto’s Nervcast. The EP will be self released on October 21st 2017.

Nervcast 1

A straight-forward 4-track EP that is bringing the riffs to the heavy metal party. Playing a blend of thrash, speed & traditional heavy metal, Nervcast bring a lot of excitement with fast rhythms, squealing vocals & winding guitar solos.

It’s hard to not think of early Metallica, Slayer & even a bit Judas Priest throughout the EP. Chemical Solution has one setting stuck on ‘fast’ while Fallen Angels slows things to a much darker but just as memorable slab of metal.

The variation in the first two tracks is quite something & as an example of the range Nervcast have it can’t be faulted. How could any heavy fan with metal in his heart complain about the galloping riffs of Moonstruck? Or the horn-throwing solo?

An excellent EP closes out with a return to a thrashier sound but one that has a much cleaner edge. The title track proves that Nervcast have got something going on & will be a band well worth keeping a close eye on.

Nervcast 2

Nervcast – Locked and Loaded Full Track Listing:

1. Chemical Solution
2. Fallen Angels
3. Moonstruck
4. Locked and Loaded

You can pick up the first single via Bandcamp & find out much more about Nervcast on Facebook & Twitter. You can also listen to some of their music on ReverbNation & YouTube.

Nervcast - Locked And Loaded (Self Released)
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