EP Review: Municipal Waste – The Last Rager (Nuclear Blast)

Virginia metalheads Municipal Waste return with a fresh EP for autumn 2019. It’s been a few years and several hundred live shows since the Waste oozed out the much celebrated ‘Slime And Punishment’ album. and the band are back with 4 ripper tracks. Ones that embrace all the band’s punk and street metal roots without hanging onto the past.

The Last Rager will be released on October 11th 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

Did you see Municipal Waste at a festival recently? Chances are you experienced the party hit of the summer with Wave of Death. The thrash bane of all security around the world, it’s terribly encouraging.

The thrashers then pull no punches with the hyper pace noise of Car Nivore (Street Meat). A spitting and snarling shotgun blast of metal to the face. Before Rum for Your Life pulls at the neck muscles demanding you head bang as hard as possible. Racing riffing, a searing drum beat and feral like vocals.

A perfect little stop-gap for fans to chew on wraps up with The Last Rager, an apt title as it literally sees the thrash maniacs rage as if this kind of music is going out of business. The meatiest of meaty tracks, this is a personal favourite and the kind of track I’d show a non fan to make them a fan.

Municipal Waste are going to fuck you up.

Municipal Waste – The Last Rager Full Track Listing:

1. Wave of Death
2. Car Nivore (Street Meat)
3. Rum for Your Life
4. The Last Rager



Municipal Waste - The Last Rager (Nuclear Blast)
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