EP Review: Mære – I (Lavadome Productions)

Released on January 31st 2020 via Lavadome Productions, ‘I’ is the debut EP from Mære. A band that consists of five individuals (three of which left Ingurgitating Oblivion) whose creative and visionary ambitions had become One — the vision to create unadulterated Death Metal darkness.

The process of self devouring transcendence has been initiated.

With all consuming darkness pouring from their every fibre, Mære make an incredible impression on their debut record. The opener and intro that is the title track creates such a sense of foreboding before I, Devouring and I Descend erupt with malice.

The heavy blackened death metal marker laid down, it’s deeper and deeper into the quagmire we go with I Ascend, I Am and I, Transcending. Don’t let the names fool you, these are deepest and darkest of death you’ll hear this year.

This the maggots and flies feasting on your rotting corpse.

Mære – I Full Track Listing:

1. I
2. I, Devouring
3. I Descend
4. I Ascend
5. I Am
6. I, Transcending




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Mære - I (Lavadome Productions)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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