EP Review: Loot the Body – Hex Volume 1 (Self Released)

LA’s Loot The Body, aims to capture the thrill of an engaging Dungeons & Dragons adventure. The brainchild of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Levi Nunez, this project provides a score to fan-favourite campaigns.

Loot the Body – besides serving as a reference to gaming terminology – is an accurate summation of the creative approach at play, whereby Nunez plunders his influences in order to create something new. With the likes of The Beatles, Hawkwind, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power, and early Genesis serving as inspirations and points of comparison, Loot The Body’s distorted riffs, haunting mellotrons, lush vintage synths, and multi-tracked vocal harmonies will appeal to fans of psychedelic rock, progressive indie rock, and 60’s-era pop.

Loot The Body’s forthcoming EP is entitled Hex Volume 1, a three-pronged reference to old-school hex maps, warlock-ian curses, and the number of tracks contained within. Each song lurking herein is directly inspired by popular D&D storylines. It will be released on June 4th, 2021.



I’ll confess to having zero interest in Dungeons and Dragons, it’s just not something I’ve been able to get into. I did see the movie… but that certainly didn’t help. So that connection to this EP just doesn’t exist. That being said, I love rock and metal, video games and fantasy worlds. Everything about this EP speaks to me so while I may not be plugged into the D&D aspect, everything else is right up my street.

Importantly, I can imagine the stories that are being expressed through this progressive and powerful rock odyssey. The combination of fuzzy riffing, layered vocals and synthetic effects get the imaginative juices flowing. White Plume Mountain immediately thrills with a sensational sense of otherworldliness and epic questing.

Whereas Dwellers of the Forbidden City’s indie rock groove and quieter vocals makes for a more sinister and cold trek. Before Castle Amber nails the balance of weird progginess, mellow melodies and lackadaisical fantasy.

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As a fan of all things creepy, it’s Tomb of Horrors which really excites though. Loot the Body crafting an eerie environment but strongly focused on melody over anything else. The harmonics of the vocals are really prevalent here and it does put you in the mind of hearing several voices at once trying to guide you. To safety or death? Who do you listen too?

The duo of Ravenloft and The Keep on the Borderlands makes up the last part of the EP. The former’s lightly tinted doom tempo, pumping energy driven moments and breathy vocals sound great. Whereas the latter’s dusty country style whine and echo makes for a smile-inducing finale.

A super-chilled way to end a very chilled out EP, Hex Volume 1 is thoroughly enjoyable and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really get D&D!

Loot the Body – Hex Volume 1 Full Track Listing:

1. White Plume Mountain
2. Dwellers of the Forbidden City
3. Castle Amber
4. Tomb of Horrors
5. Ravenloft
6. The Keep on the Borderlands


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Loot the Body - Hex Volume 1 (Self Released)
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